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 What People Are Saying . . .

I  just wanted to let you know that my prayers have been answered. My medical bills have been paid.  Thank you so much for praying for me.  I am also printed the God's Gift to the World prayers to pray for people around the world.  THank you so much for everything. I will always retweet you post also.  Have a blessed day in Jesus Name.  Tenay Reeves, Tallahassee, FL  USA

I want to say thank you. My prayer via your prayer box is already being answered.  I pray that the Lord continue to bless you, and use you as an instrument. Thank you very much, from the bottom of my heart.  Be blessed.  Mona   Maryland, USA

My daugters, issue with a menstrual period that did not quit for three months was stopped overnight after praying as you are teaching. May we continue to help others.  Thank you and Praise God.    Susan McKay,  Tampa, FL  USA

My son called from another state with an anxiety attack.  It is such a blessing to be able to pray in the name of Jesus so that God may be Glorified and see the anxiety vaporize.  Thank you for the instruction.  This is only one of the many blessings I have personally seen.   KiKi Kiana,  Tampa, FL.  USA

Excerpt from New Day - GOD'S CONGREGATION  NEWSLETTER NOV. 17, 2010

With so many religious groups coming along with fantastic bands to hype you up, so many empty modalities to take you in every direction  under the universe and predictions of only doom to look forward to for a future.

Just what is it that makes Jeffrey so different?   Every session is different.  Why should we pay any attention to what this man says?

I guess the first thing that strikes you about Jeffrey is his soft demeanor and patience. He does not point a finger at any affiliation nor religious belief of a person.

"Through God all things are possible", therefore the healing you will receive is entirely your connection.  Without touching a person  in any way---- he talks you through a "divine connecting system"  with God--- a method first revealed some two thousand years ago.

We have witnessed people walking without their walkers, canes or other supportive devices, drugs no longer used, marriages come to a whole new level of togetherness, people not dependent upon their oxygen tanks, people walking without pain, questions solved, nightmares dispelled, children drop rebellious attitudes, and those that profess there is no god, non believers in all size shapes and nationals begin to sob with joy over the discovery of the god connection.

Hear the testimonies of others and if you still feel that you can condemn all those that have found new hope, whom the truth has set free, the joy of truth over superstition---then that is your choice.  There is no hocus pocus about the message that Jeffrey gives---the experience is yours, it is as real as "you" receive it, it is your free will to choose how truthful it is.

Join Jeffrey every Thursday night, 7:00pm, at the New Day Chapel-God's Congregation,  to learn and see for yourself.  Bring a friend.  In fact, bring a doubting friend.

Blessings, FRED



Dear Jeffrey,
I am writing to tell you of the fantastic results I am continually experiencing with God's Gift to the World. I took your workshop at the Creative Life Center in Sedona, Arizona. I am a holistic practitioner and teach meditation, qigong, emotional coping skills, fitness, and breathing here in Sedona. I first want to say, wow! and a big, big thank you. I'm sure you know this, but I need to tell you that what you've come up with is truly Divinely inspired!  I have the deepest respect for what you "brought through" from God. This technique has taken my sessions, personal meditations, and all the techniques that I do to a whole new level! I thought I knew quite a bit about prayer, meditation, and staying in alignment but now I realize that by checking for alignment with "God's Gift to the World" and feeling the IMMEDIATE magic and relief I get when I do the alignment prayer and sway indicator, makes an enormous difference in my ability to experience my higher self and God.   
In short, you have dramatically deepened my connection and tangible feeling of God! How can I thank you enough for that?!!!! This is truly the greatest service on Earth that you have offered me - helping deepen my personal experience of God. This is also my life's work (to help connect and/or deepen people's experience of the Divine), and so you can imagine how grateful I am to use "God's Gift to the World" as a mandatory precursor to ALL ceremony, meditation, and qigong that I do! It makes a huge difference! My meditations are more blissful, my I AM affirmations feel the great power of a true connection with my I AM Presence, the Divine energy I feel during qigong is heightened, and I feel more confidence in my daily activities. I even hosted an event myself at the Creative Life Center for a great Qigong master, and the room had more than 250 people and I was hardly even nervous! I did great and felt so connected up on stage! I was fairly comfortable as a public speaker before, BUT I had never done an event so huge, and I felt so calm and confident.  I've been using your technique virtually every day since I met you. For a while I got out of the habit of using the sway indicator technique, because the results I was having from just doing the alignment prayer before meditation was so effective. I truly regret now that I ever forgot to include the sway indicator technique, because now I use it every day and it is amazing! If I wake up in a bad mood (obviously not feeling "total alignment with higher self and God") I do the sway indicator, and get instant relief, and start feeling so good after the swaying in circles for a few minutes following the prayer. It's just amazing. So, anybody reading this, do the technique as Jeffrey teaches!!! The sway indicator and the power of God that comes over you as soon as you do the forgiveness and alignment prayer is just so, so heart-warmingly amazing.  Every person on Earth needs to feel and experience how easily they can connect with God. It will truly change the world. I am dedicated to sharing this technique with as many people as possible! Thank you eternally my friend! Sincerely,   Miguel Montoya     "Your Well Being Coach and Sedona Guide" 
"We are blessed to have Jeffrey Hollander present his class "Obtaining Alignment -Taking Your Consciousness Even Higher."  This class will deal with relationships, whether with loved ones or co-workers, ailments and obtaining more love and companionship in your everyday life.  We must say blessed because we have seen the effects of these classes over the last few months, not only personally, from checking foods to medicines to business dealings, but seeing people receiving healings, having nightmares dispelled, increased confidence levels, and pain relieved. All of these miracles occurring without a hand being placed on any individual or lengthy rituals being required for long periods of time in order to receive.  If you have already experienced one of Jeffrey's classes, you, too, know of what we are speaking.  By all means come to this class on Thursday and experience a deepening.  Please bring a friend or two, if everyone were to sway, think of how easy life becomes.  If you have never had the pleasure of attending please come and change your life".      Rev. Kat Rich, New Day Unity Fellowship, Tampa. FL.
                                                        GOD'S CONGREGATION    813-546-1461

 “Rick & I are still using your prayers daily & what miraculous things have happened in our lives. We will always be grateful to you for bringing those prayers into our lives”.                 Judi and Rick Luzi,    Florida   USA

“This information is truly life changing, I have co-created peace and abundance in my life through this simple and easily applied information, I would encourage anyone who wants to live a more peaceful and meaningful life to buy this book and practice its simplicity and watch there life's transform immensely. I can’t imagine having to go through life without it".      Dawn Whitman,    Florida  USA
" I am so blessed by you! Thank you...
I know the evidence by our relationship that you are so authentic to me in his validation that I am worthy.  I rarely reach out.. Yet in Gods hand I found that you and all that your sharing and teaching (instruction) in alignment have provided me support in his name that blessed me for I knew he made me.   I so desire to share with many who are in my heart community to support themselves with the tools of light, spirit and the Almighty God our father.  Thank you for reminding me how I am his gift to the world as his creation.  (I believed this about my son and this year learned I was also strengthening in his love for me).  I need to join others to the light of your teaching."                Terry Mack,     Florida  USA
"When Jeffrey & Diane came into our shop in Sedona, they seemed nice enough. They showed me the book and it looked nice - I had NO idea that my life was about to change in the extreme. I have worked with a variety of standard modalities, new age modalities & etc. There's NOTHING anywhere (that I know of) that you can get direct info from Almighty God...period. I have been asking questions & getting REAL answers every day for over a month and a half. If you see Jeffrey teach it, you WILL understand - he ensures that each person understands what is occurring & that you can take that understanding home with you. He is exceptionally open to questions.  If you have questions that you would like to ask of Almighty God...this is the ONLY way I know to get REAL answers. Thank you Jeffrey!!!! for doing the seminars. Blessings, blessings, blessings!        Colleen,    Washington 
"This material brings a very useful and marvelous finessing to one's path. Who would have thought that upping one's alignment (from in my case during this last year, from 89-95%) to 100% would make such a difference? And, asking the right questions is key. I love the new prayer  technology/format".                                                                       Jannah R.,   Arizona

"I want to tell you that I was   and presently am in awe of your  teachings!! I was totally absorbed with what you were saying today and I took it all in. I was a total sponge and the information you gave deeply resonated within my whole being. I felt and feel it as truth. I feel deeply effected in a transformative kind of way. I now have a more direct way of connecting with God and I thank you and your wife for this"                                                                                                                            Debbie J.,  Arizona

"Jeffrey Hollander gives his students an immediate way to connect with their GOD source and have this connection stay daily, hourly and by the minute".                                                                                                                  Marie Captain,  Arizona